Friday, August 1, 2008

What we need to do!

Heal the planet and invest in the future! Don't just go green , GROW GREEN!

Consider ways to Offset the remaining impacts,

Then deduct the value of how you offset your impact.
Aim for Zero impacts.
You can offset your Carbon impacts in several ways:
You can donate 10% to worthy causes.
You can plant trees and green plants on your own land. (ground cover not grass- because mowing ads to the greenhouse cost)
You can pay someone to plant those trees on their property or on farmers properties.
You can pay toward people in underdeveloped countries to learn to grow foods and live sustainably.
You can teach others and hope they do something! You can invest in windpower, and solar and or other methods.
About Trees:
Trees combat the greenhouse effect and slow the effects of global warming.
They soak up carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen for us to breath.
Trees and ground cover help prevent soil erosion and landslides.
Trees and ground cover,(native grasses and other plants) are essential habitat for native animals, birds and insects
Trees and plants provide some medicines. Trees are living eco systems.

Car owners need to plant 17 trees just to counter the greenhouse emissions from their car use.
Grass also gives off oxygen BUT grass adds to our carbon impact by the cost of grass cutting. Petrol, mowers and disposal.
Change your grass to ground cover with a few stepping stones to walk on.

We can plant an Australian native tree (or trees) for you to help offset your impacts. Each tree costs: Young Native seedling - $15.00 or six months old $35.00, or an established approx. One year old - $50.00 each. A certificate will be posted to you as verification of your offset. You may even be able to claim offsets as a tax deduction in the future.
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